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Network and Classroom Management Thread, RM CC3 - Buying non RM machines in Technical; Originally Posted by north-ict Hi guys I was just gonna put a post about buying non RM machines and I ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by north-ict View Post
    Hi guys I was just gonna put a post about buying non RM machines and I stumbled across this thread. Is there any specific models anyone recommends for using with the cc3 network? and how to obtain xp pro licences or the Vista business licence if the machine does not come with it. Im looking to get 15 machines for the ICT suite and with the ICT budget hit hard this year with the government and RM machines at crazy prices i am looking for capable substitutes. One of the good things about RM is there support when a machine is faulty and engineers come on site to repair but maybe thats just for the overpriced machines. Do these alternative machines you guys purchase come with on site repairs?
    Too be honest you should be able to buy PC's from a lot of suppliers and they should work without problems - you may have to spend an hour or so adding the necessary drivers to the build area, but well worth it for the cost saving.

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    I have never bought Workstations from RM but from Millenium business systems who build your workstations according to your spec we go for either the realtek Nics or the Intel pro 1000 both with WOL feature and the drivers you just put in the driver build area and you get 5 years onsite warranty in with the price plus I am sure you would be able to get a license with downgrade rights.

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    Hi all just to give you an update on how things went. Due to not requiring a full out really high spec set of machines RM did some ecoquiet machines that when comparing to some other non RM machines at the time were not that much expensive so those were purchased. All in all wasn't too bad, its just really in the RM program licenses that kinda kills the budget rather than opting for window box licenses which have a lot of programs which where never used. I opted for sets of licenses to only specific programs that were actually used, that really saved alot of money. Since there was no on site technician and now there being one (Me lol) its helped the school realise what they have been wasting and how to reign it in.

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