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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Monitoring a group of usernames not machines in Technical; We have been using ABtutor control for a while (and before that Imperata!) whilst it is good, it is based ...
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    Monitoring a group of usernames not machines

    We have been using ABtutor control for a while (and before that Imperata!) whilst it is good, it is based on physical sets of computers. Does anyone know if there is a product that would follow groups of logged in usernames?

    Here's the example to explain clearer:

    We are working with a new school with a few machines in every classroom, more machines in breakout spaces and further machines in the LRC. If a teacher instructed their group to 'work where you want or can find a spare machine, but I will be keeping track of you remotely'. Without walking around the teacher wouldn't know which machines they were using, so if they could bring up thumbnails based on usernames of the class group. It would also work well with sets of laptops which were shared between groups.

    Any ideas?

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    I know that NetSupport School can do this by sharing control of student pc's with several tutors and not setting room selection on the tutor pc's.

    It would mean that teachers connected to all the pcs in the school then they can see the student logon names and from that they should be able to follow their students where they are.

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