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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Safe to install .NET 3 SP1 on CC3 Server? in Technical; I was jut about to install HP WebJet tool onto our CC3 server, but it informs me that I need ...
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    Safe to install .NET 3 SP1 on CC3 Server?

    I was jut about to install HP WebJet tool onto our CC3 server, but it informs me that I need .NET Framework Service Pack 1 to install.

    Okay, I can download SP1, but is it safe to install it onto our CC3 server without it completely messing things up? Will I need a package to send out to all of our stations too?

    Any ideas?

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    It should be perfectly fine. Windows Servers in an RM network are not locked down unlike the workstations and are still relatively standard. If you're really unsure however, log a call with RM.

    You may want to have a look at the Logistix .NET Framework pack which automates the whole process.

    You shouldn't need to install it on the workstations, but just the server where the printer and its driver will be hosted from. You should then able to view the printer by typing its IP into Internet Explorer for example from any machine.

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