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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Bloxx V School Guardian in Technical; Originally Posted by Zoom7000 I don't think so! I can understand certain things getting missed out, but proxywebsite.us? How much ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoom7000 View Post
    I don't think so! I can understand certain things getting missed out, but proxywebsite.us? How much more blatant do you want to get?
    I relise everyone is on bloxx's back, but tru-view picked that site up straight away on our site. Bloxx takes quite a bit of tweaking and testing to get all the settings right.

    When the Bloxx was installed by their engineer he was very knowledgeable and talked us through most of the control panel, (plus the Bloxx user guide is pretty good in explaining all the screens and options). We had an issue with the LDAP and our Novell servers and the telephone support was ok, they had never really come across Novell LDAP which was a bit of a problem but together we got it sorted.

    Now we used to use Equiinets Netpilot, and Bloxx came in cheaper over a 3 year period, and so far their tech support has been a lot better. One of the reasons for moving from equiinet was their support.

    Everyone has their own opinions on what is best so the best advice from me is to trial the options before making a commitment. I think most of the webfiltering companies will offer you a trial period now, so take up their offer!

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    Hi park_bench,

    Stuart here from Net-Ctrl LTD,
    If you are looking for Web filtering at affordable prices you should look in the SecureComputing direction, they offer an extremely good education discount on their products.

    Or, web filtering from SoftScan, they offer an affordable "in the cloud" solution which, in my opinion is brilliant. We can arrange a two week free trial for you on this service.

    Please contact Mark Power on 01473 281211 for more info.

    Hope this helps.
    Kind Regards

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    Thanks to everyone for your advice and opinions. We've had a close look at both solutions now and will be making a decision shortly.

    I'll report back soon...



    It has all the features we want and more. Gets very good reviews about its effectivenes. Has knowledgeable and helpful account managers (thanks Gavin and Tom). Is software not an appliance, so we spec the machine it runs on. Costs a fraction of the price of Bloxx.
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    Just to confirm few things that Zoom7000 said:

    Yes indeed, Bloxx boxes are a joke + their Tru-View Technology; you cannot say it works until you actually test it properly. After testing you'll be surprised that it actually fails most of the time.
    Yes their Support are good in technical terms but what about response time? Whoever says that is good Support probably never worked with a top notch company to see what means good support; all this in comparison with their ridiculously high prices.

    It may work well for small education sites ( few hundred users) where 90% of Bloxx features are not/barely used ( Export, Drilldown Reports, Cache...etc.) but it fails for medium to large sites even with their Impressa boxes.

    There are many things to say about Bloxx but for a Top WebFiltering System they are probably just a bit better than RM Safety Net ; Oh NO I forgot, Bloxx cannot filter per machine, RM can...
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