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Network and Classroom Management Thread, PFSense - What services do I need to run? in Technical; Hi, I need some techy advise on setting up a wireless hotspot. So far we have a flat network with ...
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    PFSense - What services do I need to run?


    I need some techy advise on setting up a wireless hotspot. So far we have a flat network with wireless points all over. I want one access point to be restricted right down. I've seen PFSense mentioned on here a few times. I've got an old box with 2 network cards and installed PFSense to the HDD.

    Its got a LAN and WAN card. I've configured a 192.168.1.x/24 range as the LAN for use with the wireless hotspot and also setup DHCP. Im about to connect the WAN NIC to our main network on a 10.12.44.x/22 range.

    I don't want it to go t1t's up if I configure it incorrectly.

    So here's what I need to know...
    1. Do I have to assign a static IP address to the WAN port?
    2. What services do I need to be running for clients to be able to connect to the "LAN" 192 range to forward packets onto our school router so they have connectivity?
    3. Would I use DNS IP's in the setup and if so would it be the internal DNS servers or the IP's external to us provided by EMBC?

    Thank You!!!

    I've managed to get something working at home using VYATTA months ago so my internal VM team could access the internet via my home network following a guide. I assume its very similar?

    Thank You AGAIN

    Much Appreciated,


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    You should really have 3 nics, 1 being a DMZ for your wireless, or else you have that traffic passing accross your physical LAN. A few routers ive came accrosshave unchangable LAN>WAN rules which allow full access from LAN to WAN ie Wireless to your LAN. Worth checking if pfSense is one of these?

    *When you have full access to the firewalls rules you will need to delete all the "Allow" rules and allow each port individually, it wont take long tbh. http 80, https 443 (if needed) and DNS 53 will do just for basic internet access.

    Anyway your questions

    1. Yes
    2. See above*, but out of box it should just work.
    3. Depends if you want the wireless to access your servers, if so your internal DNS. Assuming your internal DNS is setup correctly it should work in either case, but if there is no reason for the wireless to be talking to your servers then dont let it.
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