Pulling my hair out here! On our RM CC3 network, I have setup a vanilla terminal server for staff to access SIMS. The server resides in its own OU in AD with block policy inheritance enabled. On this OU I have created two GPO's - one for the terminal server itself and the other for terminal server users. I have Loopback Policy Processing enabled and all is working perfectly.

Or so I thought.

In my ''Terminal Server Users" GPO I have redirected the Start Menu to give all users logging onto the Terminal Server the same Menu. The trouble is, this policy is not being removed when they log off. So when they logon to a CC3 machine they still get the terminal server Start Menu instead of the CC3 one.

In my ''Terminal Server Users" GPO I have configured the Start Menu redirection setting to "Redirect the folder back to to the userprofile location when policy is removed". But it is still being applied when a user logs onto a CC3 machine. Only a profile reset corrects this.

Any ideas?