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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Adding new users in Technical; What on earth am i doing wrong. Ok i admit, i'm new to the network administration side of my job, ...
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    Unhappy Adding new users

    What on earth am i doing wrong. Ok i admit, i'm new to the network administration side of my job, but surely adding users should be so easy!

    The school uses Winsuite. This is like my 5th attempt at setting myself up an account. When i've done it it either AD or Winsuite it either wont let me in or it says my share on H is not accessible. When i type my username in it says that user exists but i cant find it.

    What am i not doing!?! I'm probably gonna feel stupid but i dont care right now!

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    If you are using Winsuite as a front end by selecting your username from a pull down menu? You will need to add the user to a group and refresh winsuite on the server. Then on a client you need to log in with an existing account for it to pick up the updated winsuite settings. When you log out again your new account should be shown in the winsuite window.

    If H is your homedrive, check to see if there are scripts running which are used to map drives that users have when they log on. Then add them to your account login script.

    You may also need to refresh AD to get to it show your new account.

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