Today I decided to add another printer to our network. It was a HP Colour LaserJet 4600n. All worked fine at the server end, and shared printers.

I then removed the two printers I had assigned at Main Site and allocated them at room level. Some rooms I also wanted to just use the 4600n, due to the size of the school and distance for printing.

As soon as I spent some time allocating the printers, upon reboot of some of the computer, I was presented with a Windows – Application Error or a spool error. I checked printers to see that their was none on the computer. I rebooted again and cleared out the user profile. Logged in fine and printers were their 

These seems to happen on all computers now  - Some workstations even had the printers which were previously allocated still in their !!!!

Do you think I need to rebuild the workstations, so that they only get the printers assigned installed.

Could it be where they are still thinking they are still have some of the main site printer info?

Just for a test before I left school today, I removed a printer form one room. Booted computer and logged in straight away with no errors - So I think it has to do with the printers.

Would rebuilding be the first action? Has anybody else had this before? Could it be where th drivers have become corrupted on the workstations?