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Network and Classroom Management Thread, quick question (user account space) in Technical; Staff 5Gbs Students 200Mbs All monitored and controlled by SpaceGuard...
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    Staff 5Gbs
    Students 200Mbs
    All monitored and controlled by SpaceGuard

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    Our current default limits are as follows:

    Years 7 - 9 : 150Mb
    Years 10 & 11 : 300Mb
    Year 12 & 13 : 500Mb
    Teaching Staff : 1Gb
    Non-Teaching Staff : 100Mb (as the majority rarely touch a computer and our admin staff have their own admin server/domain)

    Of course there are a few exceptions such for those staff and students that have a need to handle large amounts of media such as art, technology (gfx design) and a-level music but those are evaluated as required.

    Oh and of course the system admins have no limits

    We used to limit our lower years to 50Mb but we started using Alite Learn2Learn which requires that students save an 35Mb excel spreadsheet to their areas so we had to increase it pretty sharpish.
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