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Network and Classroom Management Thread, HP 2133 miniNote PC on network in Technical; Hi All, The school is on a CC3 network with a separate admin network. We have been given roughly 50 ...
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    HP 2133 miniNote PC on network

    Hi All,

    The school is on a CC3 network with a separate admin network. We have been given roughly 50 HP2133 miniNote PC from the council, (120Gb HD, 2Gb RAM and VIA C7 (R)- M ULV Processor 1.2GHz).

    The problem is that there is no money to buy licences to put these on the CC3 network. 30 have been designated to go into a room, main purpose will be word processing (currently have office 2003), the Internet of course and saving of work files.

    I would like to know if anyone has got any ideas on how I can put these on the network. We have an old RM server I can try and use, it was on Server 2000.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You still need a CAL for each machine to connect it to any type of network.

    If you are not turning it into a CC3 machine do you still need to purchase the CC3 license which includes the CAL?


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