We've got most of the student PC's in the school running LV3 Client, and it has to be said, every single one was showing up.

We were suitably impressed.

There are 3 ICT Tech's here, and we each have a copy of LV3 Server installed on our own machines. I did find an FAQ about running multiple servers, but didn't digest the info, and now can't find it again.....

Rather oddly however, when we've turned on today, some of the machines are not showing up in the servers, but when we have checked the machines locally, the exceptions are in the firewalls, and the 'client' service is running. Insofar as we can tell therefore, there is no reason why these machines should not show up.

Even more bizarre though, some of us are seeing different lists of machines to others - for example, on Tech 1 machine, he sees LRC1, 2 and 3, whereas on my machine Tech 2, I see LRC 1 and 2, not 3, but 4.

Any ideas would be most welcome. We have rolled this software out on the basis it was working when tested, now it doesn't, we are a touch miffed with ourselves!