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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Netsupport "Show" and Widescreen Tutor in Technical; Sounds like a Harry Potter title doesn't it. We have used NetSupport School 9 quite happily here for a while ...
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    Netsupport "Show" and Widescreen Tutor

    Sounds like a Harry Potter title doesn't it.

    We have used NetSupport School 9 quite happily here for a while now.
    But recently some of the teachers have had thier laptops upgraded to nice shiny widescreens.
    One of them (the first of many I would imagine) has come to us about the fact that when he shows his screen using the show function on all the client workstations (4:3 TFT monitors), part of the screen is lost and you need to to scroll to see it.

    I can't find a setting anywhere to "scale image to client" Anyone know a work around?


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    In cases where the teacher has a higher resolution or a different aspect ratio during Show you can add the following to the student's client32.ini:


    You'll need to re-checksum the file in order to do this, I'd rather not say directly how to do this so if you don't know drop me an email and I'll explain.

    The show will then be scaled to fit the smaller student screen.



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