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Network and Classroom Management Thread, mixed up IP address assignment in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SYNACK View Post
    It depends on which side is fastest to offer an ip address, if the switching links are faster for admin then there is every likelihood that it would do this
    To eliminate the doubt and check whether the Admin PCs will pickup a Curriculum IP or not, I disabled the Admin scope and then logged in to an admin PC which is on an admin switch, I have released the IP and forced it to renew, but it came up with the message "Limited or no connectivity", I restarted the PC AND flushed, the dns clicked on Repair etc, it still did not pick up any IP. this is getting confusing now, if the network was interlink then the Admin PC should have picked up a curr IP on this occasion because the only Active scope on the server was the curriculum scope. The mixup should bee on both networks not just curriculum donít you agree?

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    Yes, I think that your next move should be to try and go through the network and figure out exactly how it is setup and how it is supposed to work as for this to be happening there sounds like there are elements of your network which you do not know about (or have not posted) that are interfering.

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