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    Print manager plus standard

    Good Morning,

    Went direct to Technicial support, but they had no one that could help on the phone, so they advised me to email and now 3days later they still haven't responded!

    Just a quick example:
    Mr Example will print a photo which is 1.4mb, with their group policy and individual user restriction set at 3mb it will fail to print; Print manager will restrict as the file is too big.

    We’re set their restriction to 8mb, and it prints fine. Change it to something lower like 7mb and it fails to print again
    - as the restriction comes in.

    Does anyone know why this restriction is not behaving itself?

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    Yup - sounds like the difference between the file size, and the spooled print size to me.

    Have you talked to Christian Delalez at SoftwareShelf? He's usually pretty good.

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