I have looked into this once before and could not get it to deploy. I got an error and so left it a while to concentrate on more important issues.

I have since got ARD up and running for OS X partition and so decided to get this working once and for all.

unfortunately the same error is occuring.

I posted this to the supprt on their website friday and yet to hear anything...

"I am trying to deploy the Student part of the software to the XP clients.
They all have SP2 and the firewall disabled trhough group policy.
I have logged onto the Server, which is 2003 with SP1, as administrator and have also logged onto the clients as administrator.

I go to "Run Student deployment" and go through the wizard. I click selct one machine to test and it starts. I get a green computer screen but on the client a window pops up with the title Demo32.exe saying "The system cannot find the path specified."

Hope someone can shed some light on this.