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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Print Manager Plus technical problem in Technical; Hello, We had a problem with Print Manager Plus 6 whereby we would sort all our users into groups and ...
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    Print Manager Plus technical problem


    We had a problem with Print Manager Plus 6 whereby we would sort all our users into groups and then users would 'group hop' from their correct group to another group (always seems to be the same group they hop to).

    Deleted the SQL database and started from scratch with a new install. No better.

    Upgraded PMP version to v7 (2008). Brand new server, brand new installation and SQL database. Everytime a member of staff tries to print they hop from the staff group to another group (happens to be a group for year 7 pupils). This means that staff are subjected to pupils prinitng restrictions.

    Has anyone else encoutered this problem or know why it might be happening please? PMP technical support don't seem to know.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re:Print Manager Plus technical problem

    This issue appears because the Users are member of several groups. Initially when PMP lists a user, it simply lists the first group found they are a member of.

    When they print for the first time Print Manager Plus looks at all activated groups (From User Group Default) and applies them to the appropriate activated group. If the user is a member of more than one group, then the user will be moved to the group with the higher balance during this first time of printing.

    To overall fix the issue, here is what should be done. More inormation on this can be found on page 37 of the User Guide.

    1. Go to User Group Defaults, and turn on or activate just the groups you wish to track
    2. If users have the wrong balance or group, then delete all users from the Users tab that are effected.
    3. The next time they print, we will assign the user to one of the activated groups provided they are a member of one.

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    Exactly what he says /\

    I manage my print manager users using specially created security groups in AD and make sure each user is a member of only one PMP security group.

    That way, if I'm doing anything else, I don't stuff my PMP setup!

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