Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody has had any experience of installing and implementing NetOp Class Manager, NetOp Class Server, NetOp Teacher & NetOp Student. I have been tasked this by my NM and am having some trouble implementing them.

It was primarily bought for teachers to use and control students using their laptops in the classroom (we run a laptop scheme that allows all year 7's to long-term rent laptops (with the option of buying them after 3 years) to use for school work).

After some time, I have created several .csv files to import into the Class Manager database with the lessons .csv file is some 37,000+ lines long. This is where my first problem occurs. The .csv file imports fine but only the last weeks worth of lessons are visable. I also have .csv files for each individual weeks worth of lessons. I import the first week without any problems, but when I import the next weeks lessons, the first weeks lessons disappear!

I have also created test rooms, courses, lessons, teachers etc, but when I use a test teacher, it gives me an error "Unknown teacher login to Class Server".

Any help would be much appreciated.