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Network and Classroom Management Thread, network connection!? in Technical; We have windows server 2003 network! The server and main ICT room is in Block (building A) and there are ...
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    Question network connection!?

    We have windows server 2003 network!
    The server and main ICT room is in Block (building A) and there are about 10 computers connected to the network in the other block (building B). The connection from block A to block B is through Fibre optic cable. We use media converters on either side to convert from and to Ethernet connection!. Now the problem is block B is loosing connection and not connected most times. Any solution please!! And how to check the media converters!!!

    Media converter: Planet fast Ethernet converter 100base tx to 100 base fx

    Thanks in advance!

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    Do you have any fibre patch cables handy? If you do you could try one of them with the media converters and see if the connection drops then. Obviously this will have to be done in the holidays or something.


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    Duff converter is the first place I'd start looking. Do you have a Block C which is also on fibre? If so, try switching the converters over and see what happens. Alternatively, can you get your supplier to lend you one for a few days or negotiate that you buy it now but they take it back if it doesn't help?

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    This is an easy one if you have even remotely smart switches on either end. Somewhere in any managed or semi managed switch configuration website there should be a port statistics option. This should list any transmit and receive errors on each port. If the error rate is much greater than zero then it is almost definitively a screwy fiber transceiver. In my experience they only have a usable life of about three years.

    I would not connect the transceivers directly with a patch cable unless it is more than 10m long as this has the potential to damage the receiving diode by overloading.

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    Another thought - I used to have a lot of problems with fiber transceivers when we had a power blip or the IT teachers lost it Wink and used the room power key to switch all the PCs off, the surge when it was switched back on tended to take the fiber link out.
    Cured it with a small UPS for the switch rack.

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    How far apart are the transceivers?

    Just because it's fibre does not make it a guaranteed service.

    200 Meters or 500 Meters dependent on cable/transciever types is about all you will get from a standard setup.

    If your cable has any joints in it this will be reduced considerably.

    If your cable has any damage, tight turns or wind exposure the link can be badly affected.

    Without the equipment to test the cable for losses your only hope is to test and confirm that the transcievers actually work.

    Like lightbulbs the lasers used in these devices can go out or reduced output.
    Connecting them to a switch with a short patch cable may be enough to make them indicate a link is up but plug them back into a lossy 130Mtr fibre and it could all be over again very quickly.

    Trust me I know, I have one site with 320 fibre joints and more rats that the houses of parliment. Much of which is 10GBe, You can't leave the office without a TDR strapped to your utility belt!

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    Sounds crazy, but in my old job to test a fibre between buildings - I just used to shine a torch down it, then take a trip to the other end..... [ if I was on my own ]

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