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    Computer Usage Control/Booking

    Hi all,

    We have recently fitted out a new library suite at our sixth form building and i have been asked to look into giving the librarian the facility to book out the computers public library/cybercafe style.

    So far she has looked at iCAM and netloan which are very expensive (£5-6K). I was just wondering if anyone else has implemented something similar or has any feedback on either of these two?

    What the librarian would like to do is authorise students to use the computers by the half hour and to be able to specify whether or not they can use the internet during that half hour. After the half hour has expired the student will automatically be logged off and the computer can't be used unless the same student books another half an hour or another student books it. (Hope that makes sense!)

    Any suggestions/comments gratefully received. Thanks

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    I've heard of a few open source projects that do this... a quick google found http://cybera.sourceforge.net/site/co/hPage.html which looks rather interesting.

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