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    Ranger remote control, crashing

    We are using RRC 9.0.1 on all XP SP2 PC's.

    We are seeing an odd issue in one room only where when displaying the teachers desktop to the students the screen refresh becomes slow on the student screens then the teachers PC locks up and loses the connection to the student PC's. At this point a message appears saying that broadcast show has been disabled.

    We have two rooms of identical PCís all using the Intel D945GCCR motherboard and all running the latest drivers only one room is having this issue.

    I have noticed a few network related errors in the even logs in this room that I think could indicate a problem but Iím not sure where to start.

    Event logs below

    Event ID 6004
    A driver packet received from the I/O subsystem was invalid. The data is the packet.
    (Most sites seem to say this error isnít anything to worry about butÖ)

    Event ID 3009
    The redirector failed to determine the connection type.

    All PCís connect to a new Netgear FS752TS 48 port switch

    So for i have tried:

    Fixing the connection speed on the switch port and the PC network card.

    Changing the teacher PC for another identical one to rule out the hardware.

    Updated to the latest drivers for the Intel 945 chipset.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated.


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    This is a tricky one to diagnose on a forum but you could try (time permitting) excluding individual PC's until the show runs fine. Sometimes a single dodgy card and/or driver will affect the whole show.

    Failing that I'd recommend getting in touch with Ranger/NSS tech support as they would better be able to diagnose it.


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