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Network and Classroom Management Thread, pxe booting RM Notebook 320 in Technical; Hi I have several of these computers that I need to rebuild. When I choose the F7 option and select ...
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    pxe booting RM Notebook 320

    Hi I have several of these computers that I need to rebuild. When I choose the F7 option and select PXE boot (realtek), it starts the pxe boot process and then attempts to get an ip address from DHCP (still at the dos phase), it fails to pickup an ip, gives the message exiting pxe, and then loads up the RM Build disk splash screen.

    After about 10 minutes, it brings up the offline build dialogue box where I have to put in the username and password and the build key.

    Does anyone know why its failing to pickup an IP at the doss phase, other models of laptop and desktop are working fine. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Ive seen this on other kit before, where we had different bios versions

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    Are all of your driver packs up to date (TEC1299560)? If so did you make sure you added the drivers to the PXE image? If you change the images don't forget that you then need to regenerate the wim and import it into WDS.

    Edit: See TEC3424379 for more info on the latter points.
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