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    RM (CC4) Driver issues

    Hi All,

    I seem to be having a few issues with some drivers and RM. We don't have an RM Support Contract so thought I would see if anyone here could shed any light which would be greatly appreciated.

    Problem 1:

    We have some new machines which I’ll refer to as “OCUK Gen1”, I’ve created a new build disk for it which includes the correct network adapter drivers and it builds fine.

    After it’s built in Device Manager there is one device with no drivers known as “Unknown Device” (VID_8086&PID_8C31), we have this driver which is a USB 3.0 Root Device, if I manually update the driver with the one we have it installs fine.

    However, when I import that driver (the one which works if done manually) into the RMMC and rebuild it doesn't install that particular driver. (Originally there were 4 or 5 drivers which didn't install, but after importing them into the management console they all install fine except the one)

    Problem 2:

    On a different machine, I try to build and during the "Install Additional Drivers" I get a notification saying Windows can not verify the driver. I have two options Install anyway and Don't Install.

    If I Install everything goes through fine and once built in device manager there are no issues.
    However If I Don't install the "SM Bus" is missing a driver indicating that this is the likely problem driver, so I use the same driver which is in the management console to try and install it manually and it installs fine. I'm baffled.

    I may be doing something completely wrong or missing something obvious but any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Dan,

    Just to clarify, with CC4 builds you have to make sure that you import the correct driver into the RMMC. Make sure that the drivers are assigned to both Windows PE (for the build process and Windows 7 for the final operating system on the computer. Windows PE 3.1 is for Win7 and WinPE 4.0 is for Win8. Once you have imported the driver assigning I to the correct OS's you will then be able to add them to the build disk of your choice. They wont show up unless you have done the above first. This info is only for network drivers. USB drivers only need to be added to the drivers list, not to the build disk.

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    Try building a vanilla machine, then use something like double driver to strip out all the drivers (this makes it easier to then import them into the RMMC) - when creating a build disk it is important that you point the disk to be compatible with both PXE 3.1 and Win 7 32 bit OS. Failing that and we have had an issue with certain machines taking an Intel HD4000 VGA, is to take the .exe and create a deployable package with switches for silent install, plus overwrite (this method has got me out of the pooh over the holidays).

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    We've also had a problem with the Intel USB 3.0 hub driver. I've imported every single driver I can find for this and it still doesn't get applied during the build. I think your best bet here is to create a package which installs the driver. RM has some articles on how to do this, or you might fins Intel already has a package which can be installed silently and imported into management console.

    For your second issue it sounds like you are using a driver which isn't digitally signed. Try finding a different driver from the manufacturer and importing that into Management Console. Give it a date newer than the current driver you have in RMMC. You only need to assign Windows PE OS if it is a network driver (not relevant here).

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