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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Lansweeper - Remote control no longer working in Technical; I have always used the Remote Control option on the Lansweeper main screen to access PCs around school, it has ...
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    Lansweeper - Remote control no longer working

    I have always used the Remote Control option on the Lansweeper main screen to access PCs around school, it has worked very well.

    Last week, I was asked to install TightVNC on all our machines, as we will be using VNC to remotely access Raspberry Pi's. Now I can no longer use the Remote Control within Lansweeper. I presume these 2 things are related.

    When I click on Remote Control I get a message that the server is not configured properly.

    Any suggestions? As it is something I use on a daily basis.

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    You tried uninstalling TightVNC on one machine to see if Lansweeper comes back to life on the PC just to make sure its related?

    We had this a while back the issue was with some roque windows updates.

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    I'd assume that the two use the same port and are arguing over it - I would try changing the port on one of them to something different.

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