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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Advice / help - on network "blips" in Technical; Hi desperate for some advice / help.. I installed a set of new switches into our new build a few ...
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    Advice / help - on network "blips"

    Hi desperate for some advice / help..

    I installed a set of new switches into our new build a few weeks ago and since all of the equipment has been installed (pc's, cctv cameras, copiers, telephones etc...) we have been experiencing random "blips" in our network - enough to take out all of the IP phones on the school site (despite being on different VLAN's), but not enough in the majority of cases to disconnect pc's, although this does happen sometimes

    I've checked the config on the new switches and it all looks correct (they are a variety of HP V1910 switches)

    If I look at the logs of one of the new switches there are almost constant topology changes on the uplink port, I'm guessing this is the cause of the "blips", I've looked for the obvious - cabled loopbacks etc but nothing is apparent.

    We can go for a whole day of no "blips" then we can have two in quick succession

    Any advice on what I can implement to try and track this would be most appreciated.


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    I've had something similar before, though with aging hardware. What we did to resolve it was to disconnect 1 cab at a time and leave it to see what happend. when we found the cab that was faulty, disconnect each switch in turn, then each port. You will likely find either a dead port spraying rubbish into the network, a dead switch or a broadcast storm.

    First thing I would do is check that Spanning Tree is enabled, if your switches have it.

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