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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Hide Staff emails from students with exchange 2003 in Technical; Originally Posted by banjoman How do you filter emails that sounds good, the only problem is that Students will just ...
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    Re: Hide Staff emails from students with exchange 2003

    Quote Originally Posted by banjoman
    How do you filter emails that sounds good, the only problem is that Students will just say that someone else logged on as them. I'm all for punishnment, by retracting pc privilages, but how can you protect the innocent.
    best suggestion is to add that they are ultimately responsible for their own accounts into the user agreement.

    is very disappointing taht your management team want to try to hide the problem rather than deal with it.

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    Re: Hide Staff emails from students with exchange 2003

    Seriously its easy

    1. Print email
    2. Send to head teacher / head of year
    3. Keep students in : lunch /break / after school
    4. disable email access
    5. send letter to parents.

    Just like any other incident of bullying / stupidity there will be a process to punish the student.

    We dont have the students here sending messages to staff that are silly - usually work and questions.

    the first student that sent an abusive message to a staff member was made an example of (kept in for weeks, letters home etc)

    None of which you will have to deal with as a techie, just provide the evidence for the teacher to present to parents / head.

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    Re: Hide Staff emails from students with exchange 2003

    Agree with everyone else, its the students responsibility to keep their account secure. If an email came from them, its their problem and they should be punished accordingly.

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    Re: Hide Staff emails from students with exchange 2003

    Quote Originally Posted by SYNACK
    There is no sending restriction features avalible in Exchange that will allow you to limit where they send to.

    Yeah there are in 2003. Kind of.

    This is assuming you have the Exchange tools installed on the same PC you are accessing ADU&C from:

    1. Start ADU&C, view the properties of a user (for arguments sake, your headteacher)
    2. Click the "Exchange General" tab
    3. Click "Delivery Restrictions"
    4. The bottom half of the window that appears is what you want. You can set Exchange to accept messages from authenticated users only, everyone, only from, or from everyone except.
    4. Choose "from everyone except" and just add in your student users group to the box.
    5. Job jobbed.

    This doesn't hide their email from the GAL, but it stops students sending email to that member of staff.

    Of course, not necessarily appropriate if students are expected to return coursework via email or are encouraged to email their form tutor under anti-bullying policy (for example). But it works well enough.

    In terms of hiding address lists, we seperate student / staff email lists by leaving the "Firstname" and "lastname" attributes for each student user blank - only populating their display name in AD. Staff user accounts are fully populated as you'd expect anywhere else.

    Membership of the relevent address list is based on if lastname / firstname is blank or not. If blank, is student (so go in student AL). If not, is staff (so go in staff AL).

    In tandem with the exchange sending restrictions that works for us quite well, but doesn't stop those intent on doing something stupid and intelligent enough to work out how.

    As has been said by Fooby and Andrew_C though - usually just removing internet / network rights for a nominated period of time and providing the evidence to the SLT does wonders, and if they plead innocence they are more likely of being guilty of sharing logons with another student somewhere along the line so they don't escape the consequences.

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    This is a very old post, so it might not be of any interest any longer, but...

    A previous post about hiding addressed from the Global Address List will work, but if you have to do that for every member of staff it will 1) Take ages and 2) Stop staff from being able to pick up eachother!

    A better solution would be to sit at the Exchange Server, open System Manager and create two seperate mail storage groups - 1 for staff and 1 for students.
    On the properties of each group you will be able to specify which address list they can pick up.

    (Of course, if you only have the one "default address list" which contains everybody, you will have to make two for students and staff to be able to assign them, but with good AD management (or a quick session on ADModify) and some filtering rules it is fairly easy to do)

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