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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Great big mess of a network share! in Technical; Originally Posted by pettit87 Can I ask what robocopy command you used to archive the old data? Sorry to highjack ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by pettit87 View Post
    Can I ask what robocopy command you used to archive the old data?

    Sorry to highjack the thread.
    it was one I found here somewhere. Looking an the syntax, you'll need the /move /midlad:YYYYMMDD /s switches.

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    The only real way you can solve this problem is by using a Wiki or DMS (Sharepoint, Alfresco, KTDMS, Mindtouch, Confluence), structuring it well at the start, having an agreed upon document management strategy that is adhered to, and training staff. I managed to accomplish this at a previous company and it worked extremely well, but the COO spearheaded adoption of it and would admonish people for not using it (and properly). Full support and use of anything such as this at the exec level is essential.

    Failing that, the best you can do is implement a good and easy to use Wiki or DMS, and slowly start forcing users to move their data to it. You may still have a disorganised mass of documents, but at least they can be structured using tags, labels, and easily searched. It will still be important to get the idea across of one file, multiple versions (versioning) and not saving multiple,copies of the same document in different locations and names.

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