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    Adding a workstation to CC4

    Hi all,

    Having a bit of a problem adding a laptop to CC4. I have rebuilt it to Windows 7 Pro but need to add it to CC4 as it is going to be used by children. I managed to locate the RM Smart Client and enter the Username, Password, Location etc correctly.

    The DNS domain name and forest root controller I believe I am entering right as when the laptop then restarts it gets added to the domain but not CC4 on our server; it just comes up with the message;

    “Error Smart Client failed please rectify and re-run Smart Client process:Error Bootstrapper.Cab file does not exist on server specified. File may not exist, server name entered may not be the First CC4 server or may not have permission to access file. Please rectify error before re-running the Smart Client.”

    Has anyone got any ideas as I'm stumped?!?

    Thank you

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    You can quickly try out to restart RM Service Host service?

    Otherwise contact RM .

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    Couple of things....

    UAC needs to be turned off
    The default password on the laptop needs to be blank.

    Have you tried using the ip address instead of the server name?

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    Smartclient prerequisites taken from some RM documentation:

    • Professional or business OS
    • Microsoft .NET Framework v2
    • Local Admin password “rm”
    • System drive no label
    • Workgroup member not Domain
    • Date and Time
    • Remove duplicate software
    • Systemadmin
    I'll parse it properly once I've finished coffee.

    Post-Coffee Pro-parseary:

    CC4 reference manual [section 3 - Page 10]

    It needs:

    • The latest version of Windows [I.E - fully updated.]
    • If it's XP [which it shouldn't be] .NET framework 2.0 or higher.
    • Windows 7 needs UAC turned off.
    • NOT a member of a domain.
    • An appropriate I.P [DHCP or manual. Dealers choice.]
    • Needs to be connected to the network. [But, that's teching 101]


    Troubleshooting Bootstrapper
    Bootstrapper logs prolifically (and verbose logging is enabled for the msi files installed by this process).

    Logfiles are located on the client computer at:

    C:\Program Files\RM\Connect\RM Connect Bootstrapper

    If Bootstrapper is failing to run, check the share on the Forest Root domain controller:

    Shared as: RMBootstrapper

    Sharing Permissions: Build System = Read

    Domain Admins = Full Control

    Managed Stations = Read

    Effective Permissions: Administrators = Full Control (Inherited)

    Authenticated Users = Read and Execute, List Folder Contents, Read (Inherited)

    Creator Owners = Special (Inherited)

    Server Operators = Everything except full contol (Inherited)

    System = Full Control (Inherited)

    Make sure the Bootstrapper.cab exists.

    Service Host: Check that Service Host is running on the server as once comms and security components are installed the computer needs to communicate with this service to complete the build.

    Pings reply: Make sure you can ping the server, rmdatabase.local and rmDalconfig.local. If no reply is received checks DNS is running and entries are present.

    Registry Key: Will determine at what point the Bootstrapper failed.

    Server Logfiles: Checks componenent logfiles at D:\RMNetwork\RMManage\Logfiles for individual component logfiles. For example, computer manager, build client, IA etc.
    Shamelessly copy+pasted from tec1275029 on RM knowledgebase.
    Last edited by X-13; 2nd April 2014 at 12:19 PM.

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    Any reason you are not pxe booting the laptop onto the network?

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