We currently have a mix of XP/7 clients running the latest version of Reflector. We also have a Ruckus wireless system which has been divided in to three vlans; admin (vlan1), student (vlan2) and guest (vlan3).

iPads/iPhones seem to work ok on the admin wireless system as they reside on the same vlan as the wired clients, although the app is extremely slow for certain devices (ipad2) and fine for others (iphone5) regardless of settings. The app also crashes when we try to airplay full screen videos’. With these issues set aside we have the main problem of not being able to connect to the reflector app from any other wireless SSID.

Our Ruckus controller has been upgraded to the latest version ( build 220) and we have applied the following settings:

The bonjour gateway service has been enabled to bridge airplay traffic from vlan1 > vlan2
Client isolation has been disabled
Multicast filter has been disabled
802.11d support has been enabled

When connected to the student wireless system (vlan2) we can see that the airplay service is being advertised correctly from the client machine (vlan1) and we are prompted for the password when we try to connect. Once connected, the blue bar appears at the top of the screen indicating that mirroring is active, but nothing happens. 20-30 seconds later, the blue bar disappears and airplay is no longer enabled on the device.

We have disabled windows firewall and antivirus products but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you