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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Viglen Remote Learning - Change Room Name in Technical; Hi Not sure if any has had any experience of this. If I individually install Remote learning onto a PC ...
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    Question Viglen Remote Learning - Change Room Name


    Not sure if any has had any experience of this. If I individually install Remote learning onto a PC then I can choose for it to have a room location. If i send the install out for the Server all computers are put into the Room EVAL - While this is not a problem for Staff in the classroom the Tech Console then had no structure to it. I have tried modifing the Client setting with no luck and to try and change this on the tech Console I am unable to find where It is.

    Does any one know how to change the Location of the PC once it has been installed or during a server install. (I dont want to go round to 500 machines and do it manually!!!)

    Ta in advance

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    The machine you are deploying the software from has a folder called deploy that has the setup.exe used for deploy, if you copy the client32.ini from the install on that machine to this folder it will be sent out and used for the installation on the target machines.

    Alternatively, you can just deploy the client32.ini to the machines in the room eval, or you could copy it to overwrite the default one using file transfer, or you could use Active Directory to configure the room.

    Basically there are a few ways to achieve this - if you need any more detail please email me.

    Matt Jones, NetSupport Ltd, matt.jones@netsupportsoftware.com

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