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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Wake on Lan for Dell OptiPlex 320 in Technical; Hi I cannot wake on LAN Dell OptiPlex 320's I have downloaded the latest Bios (1.1.12)or the latest I could ...
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    Wake on Lan for Dell OptiPlex 320

    Hi I cannot wake on LAN Dell OptiPlex 320's I have downloaded the latest Bios (1.1.12)or the latest I could find. but to no avail. the OptiPlex 330's wake up OK. has anyone had and solved this problem?

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    I have OptiPlex 320's as well and I can't wake them up either, although I'm not too bothered, but it would have been useful on a few occasions. The last bios you mentioned, enables WOL on add-in cards. Shame they couldn't fix the onboard one first.

    Also, be aware that this model has an option to put passwords on the internal hard drive in the bios. I think this option isn't locked down by default even if you have the normal bios password set. Even though these PC's have been here for years a student only discovered it last year some time.

    I've just found out that Sketchup 2013 keeps crashing on this model due to using an ATI display driver that is meant for Vista (We have W7 installed). I've tried various compatibility modes but it won't have it. My only option that I've found works is to revert back to the standard vga graphics driver (yuk!). I thought I would mention this, just in case someone has by fluke the same combination and has a fix, but I'm not holding my breath.

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