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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Ranger and alternatives in Technical; Ok when i first got into the game, we got Ranger to easy me into network management. I mainly use ...
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    Ranger and alternatives

    Ok when i first got into the game, we got Ranger to easy me into network management.
    I mainly use it to create new user accounts, and control profiles... staff have different programs to students.

    I have been thinking of just going to a normal Windows network with no guff on top.
    But at BETT last week I checked out Impero, which looked good, now what can this do that Ranger cant, or more importantly Would Impero improve life at a smallish primary 70 pc 1 server.

    In the demo it looked good, however I dont know how much it would actually improve workflow . ie is it worth the cost for what we do.


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    Work in a primary school of 300(ish) pupils and we have Impero currently installed on all our staff laptops and the wired desktop computers. It has helped me save time with:

    Fixing quick problems with staff when they phone me and they are at the laptop without having to walk to their rooms
    Helped with deploying software directly with MSI's to our ICT suite.
    Helped teachers with clasroom management in our ICT suite so that they can view / control all of the screens without having to walk between the rows.
    Helped with power management in the classrooms where teachers don't turn off their class machines at night

    I haven't really had any problems with it so far apart from getting the current update which was solved within 30minutes of me putting a support ticket in. All of the teachers I have shown how to use it have given positive feedback which is very rare. I haven't had a chance to play with some of its other features yet so can't say much about those.

    Only good so far ...

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