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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Returnil Personal Edition in Technical; Has anyone tried this out? Free for educational use. Could see a use for this in school. Returnil This software ...
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    Returnil Personal Edition

    Has anyone tried this out? Free for educational use. Could see a use for this in school.


    This software creates a virtual temporary system in memory that is reset every time you reboot thus loosing any changes to the system config. Could it kill deepfreeze? Caveat:I haven't tried this out yet.

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    new version?

    there is a new version of this available

    Returnil Virtual System 2008 Personal Edition Freeware download and review - run a temporary clone of your o/s from SnapFiles

    i have tried it, it works really well, it freezes the pc in the current state, you need to do a few mouse clicks to stop it showing ballons to users etc, but i think this is excellent, especially as it is free.
    It is an alternative to deep freeze, or reborn cards.
    This is ideal for a public computer, but you'll still have to disable it manually, and then run updates, and re-enable.
    it is also ideal for anyone with kids at home, or who want to try out some software, as all changes are undone at reboot.

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