I wonder If anyone here could give me a helping hand. I wish to use Virtual CD 10 so that I can run a multimedia/DVD ROM title (AQA GCSE Science, OxBox) using the CD ROM player application. Used the RM Application wizard to create multimedia title, no problem..appears in the CD ROM database etc..package and shortcut allocates out to a workstation fine.


It will not appear in CD ROM player or run from the shortcut unless I go to the virtual Disc drive on the workstation and manually insert the virtual disc. Once this is done it will both appear in the CD ROM player application and run from its shortcut. I'm SURE I must be missing something here....but shouldn't (somehow) the virtual disc automatically get loaded when clicking on the shortcut provided when it was built or automatically show in CD ROM player? Is there a switch I can add to the shortcut to make this happen?

Any help, I would be very grateful