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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Slow Network - Video streaming in Technical; Since we went from copper to Fiber to the cabinet our network speed has jumped from about 10 gbps download ...
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    Slow Network - Video streaming

    Since we went from copper to Fiber to the cabinet our network speed has jumped from about 10 gbps download to just under 40 our upload speed hasn't enjoyed any comparable difference though fluctuating between just under 10 down to as slow as 1. We were thinking that this all would give us faster Internet but alas it hasn't. In particular now we get teachers complaining that things such as video clips from the BBC stall.

    Nothing has changed internally in the school since FTTC anyone got any suggestions what could be going on please.

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    Have a look at the MTU size on your router, try changing it. We had a similar problem and changing the MTU fixed it and for some of our customers who also experienced this issue. Do this on the port which your fiber is connected.

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