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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Wireless management in Technical; We are trying to setup a wireless AP in one of our conference rooms, we dont have money to purchase ...
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    Wireless management

    We are trying to setup a wireless AP in one of our conference rooms, we dont have money to purchase a full managed wireless system so are having to try and make it work with what we have. Basically we have a windows dhcp server running on the network and the Ap we have can also act as a dhcp server. I have an idea which involves setting up a scope on the Ap but I think this will dish out ip addresses to anything not just the wireless clients.

    Is there anyway to make sure the Ap will only assign its dhcp leases to its own connected wireless clients and not anyone who asks as this could conflict with our windows dhcp.


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    Realy depends on the AP and what options it has. Should be able to limit DHCP to the wireless side.

    If you have a new subnet then you will need to tell your existing hosts the route to that new network (as the lan interface of the AP), or setup a static route on your default gateway to the lan interface.

    Unless your splitting the subnet into two scopes between the lan and the wifi..

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