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Network and Classroom Management Thread, NetSupport 11 automated configuration of tutor in Technical; Hi, there.. One of our schools has purchased 130 licences for NSS11. It's to be split across 6 rooms, so ...
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    NetSupport 11 automated configuration of tutor

    Hi, there..

    One of our schools has purchased 130 licences for NSS11. It's to be split across 6 rooms, so we'd have Tutor installed on 6 Teacher PCs and Student on the rest.

    I've been tasked with making this happen in as silent a way as possible, basically.

    We use Altiris to deploy apps using a stupidly simple cmd line with msiexec /i blah.msi where blah.msi has the necessary licence file and what I THINK(?) is the correct client32.ini for students and the nss.ini for students.

    For Tutor, it's the same but with a different nss.ini

    So installing the student/Tutor part seems easy enough. It's the CONFIGURATION of the Tutor bit I'm struggling slightly with.

    We want it set so that ANY teacher running Tutor in Room1 will only see the PCs in Room1. No options to click, no configurations or passwords needed to be known.

    The PCs in the rooms all have the same naming convention:

    WSROOM01-01 (02 03) and T1 for the Teacher one.

    We wipe these rooms regularly, so I don't want to have to babysit the assorted 20 different teachers who use the rooms every time to reconnect them.

    Looking at the documentation, I can see that I can set up "shared" class files, rather than have them stored in the %appdata% - that's what I want to happen.

    So what I'm attempting to do is to:

    1. Install Tutor
    2. Copy over the necessary PC name file (based on the class name - I'll use AutoIT for that)
    3. Configure Tutor so that it ALWAYS and ONLY shows the PCs on that local file

    I had a look at the ADM, and they look comprehensive, not to mention a bit overwhelming.

    Basically Could someone give me some pointers as to exactly HOW I go about setting this up?

    Also - if someone could tell me how I get rid of "EVAL" that appears in the Tutor/Student test setups that I have now, that'd also be good.. It's probably something REALLY easy, but it's been a loooong week.

    Finally - for product activation - the online chat told me you don't need admin rights to do product activation. Which seems odd, but definitely works here. Question is - if Teacher1 runs Tutor on PC1 and activates. Then Teacher2 runs Tutor on PC1 and activates, does that count as 2 activations? (Bearing in mind that I said we wipe these PCs fairly routinely)

    And that's it for the questions.. I need a pint!


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    Hello Gerard

    I have raised this with us as a ticket and your reference number is PR105109.

    Please contact us on our Chat: http://www.netsupportsoftware.com/chat quoting the reference number.

    Or conatct us via Phone on +44(0)1778 382272 (9am-5pm GMT)

    We will then be happy to assist you further in resolving this problem.

    Kind regards

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    I faced the same issue and I ended up with writing an VBS scripting to grab the room code (from the station name of the Tutor PC i.e. C25-01-Y = C25) and then writing that in the registry tree under Startup\BrowsePrefix and also Register\Room - this did the trick.

    Then later on, we changed this into GPO model where each room has their own Netsupport GPO with the correct room name. This worked perfectly.

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