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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Censorship of internet in Technical; I've blocked as may image sites as I've found or know about (a continuing process) and allow access to one ...
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    Re: Censorship of internet

    I've blocked as may image sites as I've found or know about (a continuing process) and allow access to one thats already filtered and you can't change the search criteria.


    Have tried a few different searchs with this and never really found anything thats too risky (though its likely there will be something).

    Prince Albert didn't yield anything risky, unlike Google image search with safe turned off!!

    Google image search is a real pain as there are many site variations in the form images.google.xx where xx is a country code. We had to block these as students found that just typing first names (particularly female) would generate a lot of 'interesting' images.

    Our authority also subscribes to Websense that blocks lots (though not all) of iffy sites.

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    Re: Censorship of internet

    if you can modify the URLs as they go through, add &safe=vss to the Google Image Searches, that's what E2BN do (using DansGuardian), and that seems to work really well at blocking things like that.
    It's an undocumented feature of the image search, and has resulted in Google being enforced as the only image search allowed.

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    Re: Censorship of internet

    mrcrazy: you can actually do it with other image search engines as well.

    In addittion to FSS we also examine the URL for blocked domains & URLs, so if the thumbnail is generated from a blocked site, it won't be shown.

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