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Network and Classroom Management Thread, iTALC 2 and Active Directory in Technical; Hello All, New user, first post here. Already from all the reading I am doing this looks like a very ...
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    iTALC 2 and Active Directory

    Hello All,

    New user, first post here. Already from all the reading I am doing this looks like a very valuable resource for me to read every day.

    Anyway, I have an issue with trying to get iTALC to play nicely with our network here at school.

    I have installed it on the Master PC and on a couple client PCs to do a test run of the software, and have already run into a pretty substantial problem. I can see the client PCs only when they are logged in with a Local User Account. The minute the client PC is logged into with an active directory user account, the host is unreachable. I have gone into the permission settings and added our network\domain users and it seems to have added permission for all domain users.. so I am at a bit of a loss as to what is going on. We have a sonicwall hardware firewall but I do not think that is causing the issue, as it works except for when logged in with a domain user account, otherwise I can see the client PCs.

    We are running Windows 7 on all the machines in the lab, and I am using the latest stable version of iTALC 2.0.

    Any and all help would be very appreciated!!


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    We found that iTalc was unsatisfactory at best on Windows 7.

    Using the tags at the bottom of this post you can find other iTalc posts on Edugeek:

    Link 1: italc - Search Results - EduGeek.net

    Link 2: italc2 - Search Results - EduGeek.net

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