We currently run all our jobs on 1 Physical Backup server which is also using Backup Exec. We run both Veeam replica & backups on the same box but with the introduction of tape in Ver 7 I am thinking can I create a new Veeam server which will be used to run the Veeam Replica jobs and also keep the physical Backup server running the backups & (new) backup to tape jobs?

The issue we keep encountering is when a VM needs to do a full replica (because an increase in disk size or a new system) it can take hours to complete and as a result a lot of our Veeam Jobs over run. I'm thinking that if we have replica/backups & then backup to tape being done by Veeam it is going to be very tight in getting everything done should a full replica be needed. I think I have 2 options - either create a new proxy server to help increase the number of jobs that can run at once, or create a new Veeam backup server and move some of the jobs over. I just don't know what the best option would be....any suggestions?