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Network and Classroom Management Thread, SPOTLIGHT - freeware server monitoring in Technical; Just added another free app to the toolbelt. spotlight-on-windows i've only seen one brief mention of it in the forum ...
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    SPOTLIGHT - freeware server monitoring

    Just added another free app to the toolbelt. spotlight-on-windows

    i've only seen one brief mention of it in the forum so i thought i would bring it to your attention, it's a jem and the slideshow looks nice. Blurb from their site is below.


    Spotlight on Windows

    For a busy IT professional, it is nearly impossible to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve every component affecting Windows Operating System (OS) performance using manual methods. Without a clear view of I/O and system activity, you learn of performance issues only after problems erupt.

    With its unique graphical view of the Windows OS internals, Quest® Spotlight® on Windows empowers you to quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the Windows environment. Displaying the real-time flow of data within your Windows OS, Spotlight enables you to quickly identify and resolve performance problems.

    Please Note: Spotlight on Windows is unsupported freeware. The license key is provided in the download package and expires one year after installation. To renew, please revisit this website. An activation key will be made available prior to the expiration date of your current key.

  2. Thanks to ChrisP from:

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    Re: SPOTLIGHT - freeware server monitoring

    Great fun tool

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    Re: SPOTLIGHT - freeware server monitoring

    Great Find ChrisP, I am going to keep this running on an old system in the corner of the office, will certainly keep an eye on stuff!!!

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    We have used it here quite a bit. Great for showing non-technical budget holders where the system needs money spending on it! A picture is worth a thousand words etc.

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