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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Training\Advice\Documentation for RM CC4 in Technical; Hi there, I am about to become the Network Manager for a School using RMCC4. I come from a Vanilla ...
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    Training\Advice\Documentation for RM CC4

    Hi there,

    I am about to become the Network Manager for a School using RMCC4. I come from a Vanilla Windows background and frankly know very little about CC4. Needless to say I want to hit the ground running, but have found almost nothing aside from some forum posts about CC4.

    My question is this: Is there anything in the way of learning materials (books, e-books, videos) that I can purchase or access? I see RM offer training, but frankly if they don't offer any alternate route to learning the ropes I will have to question working with them in the long term.

    thanks for your help!

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    The CC4 school in question should have some manuals which will cover the basics. Do they have a current support contract with RM? If so get on the blower to the schools account manager and ask them to arrange a time for someone to do an online demo for you.

    To be honest it's far from Rocket Science!

    Alternatively if you're near Sunny Suffolk you're more than welcome to pop to our school for a butchers!?!

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    There's no other literature available other than what's officially available via RM. As bodminman says though, it's far from rocket science - if you can work your way round Group Policy management, you'll pick up CC4 in a cinch; after all, the majority of it is a gui for GPO management. There's some bits which are useful (software overview telling you what is installed where, what packages failed where), some bits covering the AD side of things (computers, users, the groups their in, the printers they can use, the policies that apply to them), some bits which will make you pull your hair out (rename a computer? Sorry, you'll be rebuilding it!)
    Client wise, all you really need to know is holding both SHIFT keys when the machine starts and you see the "RMR" in the top left corner (before windows boots) until the "P" shows up, then you'll be into the rebuild interface which again, is less than complicated.

    You can use GPO alongside it, however can't/shouldn't edit existing GPOs that CC4 sets. You may well find that it doesn't suit you anyway but it's the school that's the important part; again, you may find it doesn't suit the school either. Have a play around, and you'll pick it up real quick.

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    Hi Zammo,

    We offer RM training outside of our own county, so if you wish to enquire about that, drop me a line. I can put you in touch with our training team.


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