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Network and Classroom Management Thread, CC4 Server in Technical; Hi I work in an academy which has installed CC4 server. At the moment all work is backed up on ...
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    CC4 Server


    I work in an academy which has installed CC4 server. At the moment all work is backed up on tapes, but have not facility to retrive work if lost. Is there any 3rd party software l can use to create my own full backup using a USB buffalo hard drive. Any advice will be most gratefull.


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    The most basic backup could be a robocopy script to copy the users files over to the buffalo hard drive.
    If your backing up to tape at the moment, then you should be able to use the same utility to recover the files from the tape as RM typically use NTBackup or BackupExec, both of which will allow partial restore of files to the same or different location.

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    Windows Server Backup Utility?

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