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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Problems with LDAP & MRBS in Technical; Good morning all. I apologise for making a thread which comes up fairly regularly on here but I'm at a ...
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    Question Problems with LDAP & MRBS

    Good morning all. I apologise for making a thread which comes up fairly regularly on here but I'm at a loss as to where I am going wrong.

    I've read through many of the threads on here on this topic, and compared my config with other but I can't see where I am going wrong.

    I have MRBS running in a testing environment on my workstation. Windows 7 IIS 7, PHP 5.4.3 and PHP manager installed from the Platform web installer. LDAP extension has been enabled from within the PHP Manager. The domain controller I'm trying to authenticate against is a Windows 2008 R2 server.

    My MRBS authentication config from config.inc.php is as follows;
    // Authentication
    // Where is the LDAP server
    $ldap_host = "sdc02.sjc.ac";  //DC 2
    //$ldap_port = 389;
    $ldap_v3 = true;
    $ldap_tls = false;
    // LDAP base distinguish name
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=SEN,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=Science,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=RE,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=PE,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=Music,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=MFL,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=Mathematics,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=Mandarin,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=ICT,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=History,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=Geography,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=FoodTech,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=English,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=DT,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=CoverSupervisors,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=BusinessStudies,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=Art,OU=Teaching,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=Administration,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_base_dn[] = "OU=Technical,OU=Staff,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_dn_search_attrib = "sAMAccountName";
    $ldap_dn_search_dn = "CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_dn_search_password = "*****";
    $ldap_filter = "memberof=CN=mrbs_admins,OU=Groups,OU=Users,OU=Managed,DC=sjc,DC=ac";
    $ldap_get_user_email = TRUE;
    $ldap_email_attrib = "mail";
    $ldap_unbind_between_attempts = FALSE;
    $ldap_debug = TRUE;
    All the LDAP DN's have been copied directly from Sysinternals AD Explorer so they should be correct.

    I'm trying to test logging in with my user which is a member of the technical OU and also a member of the mrbs_admins group specified in the ldap_base_dn.

    When I attempt to login I'm just given the message "Unknown user".

    I'm not sure where to look for any logs or diagnostic information about what is happening. Can anyone see any glaring omissions from my config or can anyone tell me how I can get more detailed diagnostic information as to what is happening behind the scenes during my authentication request?

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