We've just had this announcement in from our forum sponsor NetSupport:

NetSupport School version 11.20 with extended Windows 8 (Metro) support now available

Education software specialist NetSupport is delighted to announce the immediate availability of NetSupport School version 11.20, the latest update to its market leading classroom management solution.

With a current install base in excess of 11 million desktops and devices, NetSupport technology is relied on by education institutions worldwide to provide the most feature rich, intuitive and innovative classroom management and instructional technology solution.

Following the recent release of the Tutor Assistant app for Apple iOS and Android devices and the introduction of Google Chrome OS support, this latest update further develops the product’s capabilities within different learning environments.

Windows 8 Support

Adding to our existing Windows 8 desktop support, teachers and technicians now have the capability to interact with and control student machines that are running the Windows 8 start screen (Metro) – including the ability to manage and control the use of applications on the desktop and apps on the Windows 8 start screen. Teachers can now ‘quick-launch’ Windows 8 apps on student machines in a single click, and also remotely close them.

Internet monitoring and control is also extended to include managing students using the Internet Explorer “app” on the Windows start screen, forcing search engine safe seach modes on as well as extending approved and blocked URL lists.

Centrally, the NetSupport School Technician’s Console has been extended to allow application use policies to include Windows 8 apps and internet restrictions.

Finally, in addition to numerous Windows 8-based “tweaks”, the network deployment utility provided with NetSupport School has been extended to support Windows 8 specific deployments.

Google Chrome OS Support

Version 11.20 extends NetSupport School’s support for students using Google Chrome OS Chromebooks. With the increasing adoption rates of Chrome OS, NetSupport recognises the importance of providing educational institutions with a similar quality of instructional technology support - as found within our traditional Windows, Mac and Linux versions. As well as discreetly monitoring student screens, teachers can now interact directly with the students' desktops with real-time remote control, deliver quick surveys, send messages, create a student attendance register and, of course, show their screen in real time to all selected student Chromebooks.

Optimising NetSupport School for use in a wireless environment

NetSupport School uses advanced techniques to limit the effects of an unreliable wireless network and teh latest version introduces additional configuration options that will help you improve wireless performance.

Visit www.netsupportschool.com for an in-depth overview of the latest updates and to download a free 40-PC trial copy.