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Network and Classroom Management Thread, LanView 5 - Pulling together a team. in Technical; As some of you may have spotted on the MST site, LanView 5 is now in development and it is ...
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    LanView 5 - Pulling together a team.

    As some of you may have spotted on the MST site, LanView 5 is now in development and it is a complete re-write from scratch.

    The new MST site is now up (although design and logos is temporary and content is merely a blog at the moment).

    Those who have used our products over the last 10 years will know that MST has always been a voluntary organisation who offers free tools for everyone. I have written a fairly long blog entry on why MST stopped a few years back and also explain a lot about the donations issue.

    As the reboot of MST gets under way, I want to be able to concentrate on the development of LanView and am asking for any volunteers to help me maintain the other aspects of MST.

    If you are able to volunteer some time with any of the following areas, please do PM me or visit the MST site and click my name in one of the posts, then select 'Contact Form'.

    • .Net Development
    • MAC OS (or Mono) Development
    • IOS/Android Development
    • Testing specific areas / modules of LV5.
    • Joomla maintenance / development
    • Documentation
    • Translation
    • Icon and/or Graphic Design

    The first round of testing will be based purely on the engine - and not the product. The actual LanView 5 product has not been written yet. Only the core engine which manages the network communication has, which needs testing in the first instance.

    I am looking for people who are willing to test thoroughly and not those who simply want to look at a new release. I am eager for this to be a community driven product rather than simply something I've written.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    On a personal message: Mike F? I have tried to contact you. Have you changed your email address?

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    What timescales are you looking at?

    I have some experience of .net and some old c++ experience http://sourceforge.net/projects/gene...urce=directory and withjames.co.uk but my involvement would probably be slightly limited in time until Nov when I finish my degree.

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    Just to let you know, after our initial exchange of emails, my subsequent emails try your mst address have been rejected as undeliverable.

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    @sparkeh - I'll PM you.
    @Jamo - No real targets set yet. Once a team is together I'd be able to set a target date.

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