For some while, we've used SynchronEyes in several computer labs, without really solving the annoying multicast traffic problem. When we first piloted the software, we solved the flooding traffic using IGMP Snooping on our NetGear smart switches. This lasted as long as we had only one lab equipped with SynchronEyes. As soon as we started adding more installations, the multicast traffic spread across our network. I guess this makes sense, because every SynchonEyes group uses the same multicast address, so Snooping can't separate the groups into islands of activity. Currently, I'm half-way through reviewing and upgrading the network to add PoE, and solve a few issues - so I'm looking at this problem again.

Has anyone cracked this multicast filtering problem? I'm wondering about using ACL rules, but concerned about breaking normal traffic. We have a L3 switch/router and I suppose we could split labs onto separate VLANs/subnets, but I'm hoping to avoid getting that complex. This isn't helped by Smart being so vague about multicasting - it would have been helpful if you could reassign SynchronEyes groups to different multicast groups (?). Any constructive ideas, please?