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Network and Classroom Management Thread, LDAP authentication to MRBS on linux in Technical; hi I am trying to authenticate mrbs with ldap on my machine having ubuntu-12.04. I have installed mrbs it's working ...
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    LDAP authentication to MRBS on linux

    I am trying to authenticate mrbs with ldap on my machine having ubuntu-12.04. I have installed mrbs it's working fine. Now I need to authenticate it with ldap. So I set-up ldap server on my machine.I added entries in config.inc.php from the documentation and previous post on ldap and mrbs. But which value should be given to $ldap_dn_search_attrib? As I'm working on linux machine i cannot give sAMAccountName so what value is to be given?
    $ldap_dn_search_attrib = "sAMAccountName"; #this is for Microsoft AD directories
    Here is my config.inc.php for ldap authentication

    $auth["session"] = "php";
    $auth["type"] = "ldap";
    $auth["realm"] = "mrbs";
    $ldap_host = "";
    $ldap_port = 389;
    $ldap_v3 = true;
    $ldap_tls = false;
    $ldap_user_attrib = "uid";
    $ldap_dn_search_attrib = "sAMAccountName";
    $ldap_base_dn = "ou=2000,ou=students,ou=comp,dc=***,dc=org,dc= in";
    $ldap_dn_search_dn = "cn=admin,dc=***,dc=org,dc=in";
    $ldap_dn_search_password = "****";

    So please tell what modification are to be done in order to make it work. Also how to check the error when I try to login through ldap? I get the page Unknown user every time when I try to login with ldap. So I'm not able to get where exactly is the error?

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    I can't answer your question, but cmorrison or John Berenek will be able to on the MRBS lists.



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    $ldap_host = "";
    the ldap host should be that of you domain controller, not the mrbs server.

    my working config:

     $auth["type"] = "ldap";
    //# 'auth_ldap' configuration settings
     //# Where is the LDAP server
     $ldap_host = "";
     //# If you have a non-standard LDAP port, you can define it here
     $ldap_port = 389;
     //# If you want to use LDAP v3, change the following to true
     $ldap_v3 = true;
     //# If you want to use TLS, change following to true
     $ldap_tls = false;
     //# LDAP base distinguish name
     //# See AUTHENTICATION for details of how check against multiple base dn's
     $ldap_base_dn = "ou=staff,dc=example,dc=college,dc=internal";
     $ldap_user_attrib = "uid";
     // If you need to search the directory to find the user's DN to bind
     // with, set the following to the attribute that holds the user's
     // "username". In Microsoft AD directories this is "sAMAccountName"
     $ldap_dn_search_attrib = "sAMAccountName";
     $ldap_dn_search_dn = "cn=LDAP,cn=Users,dc=example,dc=college,dc=internal";
     $ldap_dn_search_password = "xxxx";

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