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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Viglen Classlink and Child Domains, in Technical; Hi all, Don't know much at all about Viglen Classlink but we manage a Primary that is loosely federated with ...
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    Viglen Classlink and Child Domains,

    Hi all,

    Don't know much at all about Viglen Classlink but we manage a Primary that is loosely federated with a High School.

    The High School want to 'join' the networks together. I am pretty sure they are on Classlink and we have yet to talk to anybody from the school with an in depth Windows Server background which leads me to believe that their network is highly managed. Just not by them.

    We are arranging a meeting with them to discuss the 'join' and although we are happy doing this with vanilla AD installs, I am second guessing that Classlink may have some inherent barriers thrown in to prevent people from bolting on a child domain, mucking around with the schema or even having Enterprise Admin rights full stop.

    Can anybody confirm this or share any experience in this regard. Can we even VPN to it as a separate site without getting Viglen involved

    Forewarned is fore-armed.

    Many thanks


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    You will be able to create a VPN link between the 2 networks using your firewalls if your network is setup this way, thus giving viability of both networks but the domains are kept separate.

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