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Network and Classroom Management Thread, RDT Global HDGuard. Any one use it? in Technical; So HDGuard from RDT Global is a hard disk protection system. You take an image of the hd as soon ...
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    RDT Global HDGuard. Any one use it?

    HDGuard from RDT Global is a hard disk protection system. You take an image of the hd as soon as you have finished installing everything you need on it and each time the machines is rebooted that is exactly what you see. No amount of student fidiling and deleting of files can kill it.

    For several years now we have used HDGuard with varying lelvels of sucess.
    And as the OS's get more and more complex HDGuard is less and less effective. Or at least that is the way it seems to me.

    Has anyone any experience of good quality hard disk protection programs ?

    If so what are they?

    Comments always welcome

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    This seems similar to DeepFreeze.

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    We used to use HDGuard a while back (changed everything last year and it was one of the casualties :P )

    It does what it says on the tin but tbh I don't think that kind of disk protection is the best way to go now tbh. I moved to locking down with GPO, mandatory profiles and AV software I trust which ends up as effective but doesn't give the extra headaches with updates etc you get with disk write protection...

    Also HDGuard did seem quite heavy on the HD by nature, which I imagine won't do the hardware many favours in the long run.

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