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Network and Classroom Management Thread, Blocking/monitoring TCP/UDP connections between students in Technical; I just discovered Edugeek and I realize web-blocking and turning Internet on/off in rooms is a popular subject. We too ...
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    Blocking/monitoring TCP/UDP connections between students

    I just discovered Edugeek and I realize web-blocking and turning Internet on/off in rooms is a popular subject. We too are looking for good solutions. (It seems many threads about this are already alive for years here). We have plans on buying TMG. We are experimenting with iTalc. But for my course if have a more specific problem.

    I teach software development (usually VB.Net) and soon the students are learning about TCP/IP. In theory it will be possible for them to write their own 'chat'-programs using direct IP connections. This is very good for educational purposes and is a fun way to learn but it's not good for tests and exams. Any ideas on how to block/log this?
    I.e. pupil A (192.168.x.101) sends a UDP/TCP message to pupil B (192.168.x.102) and this should be visible by the teacher (

    Keep in mind that some ports (135, 443, ...) are always open! Perhaps someone can tell me if they have to be to let Active Directory (or other things) function? A single listening port is a show-stopper!

    I am a programmer so I could roll-my-own but perhaps there is already software out there. I don't know much about NetSupport and the like.

    I currently see these options:
    • a more complex hardware-switch/router in each (computer)classroom. (but I haven't thought this through)
    • Installing a packet sniffer (library, like PCAP) on every PC and writing custom software to remotely read it out. (but that's a pretty big project!)
    • remotely temporarily adjusting the standard Windows firewall settings. How could this be done? (This could also be very interesting for fine-grained internet-control!) (but think about the no-listening-ports requirement!)

    Any other ideas?

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    Just use AD GPOs to reconfigure the Windows firewall to only allow to/from traffic to servers/printers etc. and block outbound from client IPs. Shouldn't be too hard.

    Here, I knew this had been discussed before:
    Win 7 Firewall rules for lab exam environment
    Exam environment configuration with Windows 7 clients in a domain - Blogs - EduGeek.net
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